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<p>The 6 beauty YouTubers to follow</p>
16 Jan

The 6 beauty YouTubers to follow

Nowadays, lots of girls have thrown themselves into making YouTube videos which give advice on make-up, fashion, cooking, lifestyle etc. With the explosion of different channels in the genre, we've selected six girls that you definitely need to...Read more

<p>Anna Wintour cried during Kanye West&#39;s show</p>
15 Apr

Anna Wintour cried during Kanye West's show

The lady known for being stone cold behind her legendary black glasses has admitted that she cracked on the day of the rapper's show. A revelation which has surprised many.Read more

<p>Beyonc&eacute; launches her sportswear clothing line &quot;Ivy Park&quot;</p>
15 Apr

Beyoncé launches her sportswear clothing line "Ivy Park"

Whilst some women are unhappy that the brand stops at a European size 44, others are delighted to be able to purchase beautiful items at an affordable price.Read more

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