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25 Sep

Casting director vs. the Digital?


How social media transformed the casting call process ? Read more

05 Feb

Can anyone really become a model?


Tall, short, blonde, brunette, old, young…? Nowadays, our differences are no longer obstacles ! Everyone can dare to model! Read more

04 Feb

How to handle stress before a casting call


In order to give you the best chance of success, here are some tips for managing stress during an audition. Read more

29 Jan

Hervé Lacroix, french voice-over actor : « a breath can move people »


Are you fascinated by the voice-over business? Discover the career of Hervé Lacroix, a voice-over actor for many years. Read more

26 Jan

What should I wear to an audition?


Don’t forget that the clothes and make-up you wear reflect your personality. Here are some tips. Read more

21 Jan

Model with tattoos : a good pairing or not?


For some years now, we’ve been seeing a bit of madness on the catwalks. Tattoos have actually gained an increasing popularity among models wanting to stand out. Read more

09 Jan

The 6 beauty YouTubers to follow


With the explosion of new Beauty Youtubers, we’ve selected six girls that you definitely need to follow to get the best tips. Read more