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Can anyone become a model ?

Good news! No matter what your size, weight, hair colour, skin colour, measurements or age, anyone can become a model. Even tattoos are no obstacle to a fantastic career as a catwalk pro! Here's a list of professional models who are somewhat out of the ordinary.

When we talk about "models", we often have a tendency to imagine a young girl, size 8, with never-ending legs. However, in reality, agencies look for lots of different profiles. For that reason, everyone is welcome at KastingKafé !


Ashley Graham, the "plus size" top model

Ashley Graham totally owns her size 20 figure. And brands like Levi's, Calvin Klein and Marina Rinaldi adore it! This year, Sports Illustrated used a plus size model in its magazine for the first time. Naturally, it chose Ashley. The 28 year-old has also featured on the cover of Harper's Bazaar, Glamour and Vogue UK. The brunette is undoubtedly at the very top of her game.


My 'Dreamer' lingerie collection with @additionelle is available now!!! Sizes 36-44, C-H! #iamsizesexy #beautybeyondsize

Une photo publiée par A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) le


Jennie Runk, the top model with the sexy curves

At a European size 40/42, this young lady has a figure we tend to come across every day in the street. A healthy weight which makes her look fantastic. In 2013, she was chosen by H&M to model its Plus Size swimwear collection. Jennie Runk has in fact had a lot of success as a so-called "plus size" model. She has featured on the front cover of Marie France and modelled for Marina Pinaldi. This young lady is comfortable in her own skin and constantly confirms that she loves her curves.


#Regram @marina.rinaldi who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?? #Chic #Lace #Elegance

Une photo publiée par Jennie Runk (@jennierunk) le


Daphne Selfe, the matriarch

Who said that you had to be young to be successful in the world of fashion? Daphne Selfe is the perfect example to demonstrate that nothing is impossible. At 83 years of age, her modelling career continues and she even has an Instagram account which she posts pictures on. She's been on the catwalks since the age of 60, making her the oldest model still working today.


One of my favourite photos from my @opsm campaign. Be stylish, no matter what your age! #models1 @models_1uk @models1classic

Une photo publiée par Daphne Selfe (@daphneselfe) le


Carmen Dell'Orefice, young at heart

She's 84 years of age and up until recently, she was still working as a model. In spite of her age, Salvador Dalí's former muse is as classy and beautiful as ever. She started her career very young, at the age of 12, when she featured on the covers of the all the most renowned magazines, including Vogue. At the age of 47, she ended her modelling career but she went back to it some 20 years later. She then modelled for Rolex and Isaac Mizrahi and she also appeared on the covers of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. We're impressed!

Crédit : The Heart Truth — Carmen Dell'Orefice, Red Dress Collection 2005


Winnie Harlow, the top model who's comfortable in her skin

Chantelle Brown Young suffers, as you can see, from vitiligo, a condition involving depigmentation of the skin. You've no doubt seen her in ads for Desigual or Diesel. But her condition hasn't prevented this Canadian 21 year-old from realising her dreams by becoming a brand ambassador. "Some people have black skin, others have white, I have both", she explained in a video. A beautiful message of hope for everyone who suffers from this condition.


I thought I was @UsainBolt for a second.. I'll show you why ?????????? /??@shanboody

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Aimee Mullins, the beautiful athlete

This beautiful 40 year-old blonde is a model unlike any other as she suffers from a rare illness. She was born without a fibula and had to have both legs amputated at the knee. But that didn't stop her becoming a famous athlete and she took part in the 1996 Paralympic Games.

Aside from her sporting career, she's also a model. She's worked for Alexander McQueen using a a prosthesis. She also became l'Oréal's brand ambassador. And that's it!


Eyelash massage. It'll be all the rage in 2016. #Aimee4LOreal #WomenofWorth @LOrealParisUSA

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Plenty of individuals who've carved themselves out their own niche in advertising campaigns and on the catwalk.



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