09 Jan

The 6 beauty YouTubers to follow

With the explosion of new Beauty Youtubers, we’ve selected six girls that you definitely need to follow to get the best tips.


Marie Lopez, a 21 year-old French girl, gave up her studies to devote herself full-time to her YouTube channel, which has now gained huge notoriety. Her main channel has almost 2 millions subscribers. And there are just as many fans waiting impatiently to view her fashion and beauty tutorials. How do you get rid of spots? What essentials do you need in your make-up kit? What can you do to relax and de-stress? Subjects that Marie approaches in a friendly, laid-back way.

Boosted by her success, she has also created two other channels: one in which she talks about her everyday life (EnjoyVlogging) and another in which she suggests cooking recipes (Enjoy Cooking). Her fame now extends beyond the world of the Web and she was a contestant on series 6 of the French version of the TV programme Dancing with the Stars. Now known by the general public, the beauty specialist is continuing to release videos with a soaring number of views.

LufyMakes YouUp

With almost 500,000 subscribers, this young lady is the top Belgian YouTuber. Using the alias Lufy, she has a degree in translation, but more importantly, she’s also passionate about the world of fashion and beauty. Through videos accompanied by a great soundtrack, she offers tutorials, tests products, shares her good and bad experiences etc. A great way of spending time whilst learning lots of tips and tricks.

Audrey Marshmaloo

Audey has been publishing beauty, lifestyle, psychology and nutrition videos for 7 years. This young Belgian who lives in Brussels offers very varied tutorials: make-up for parties, drawing back in over-plucked eyebrows, eye liner for beginners etc. She tackles all topics with a joie de vivre which comes across clearly on screen. What makes her unique? She doesn’t speak whilst creating her tutorials but adds a voice-over once they’re finished, making them all the more attractive and original.


Laura is a 22 year-old girl who is passionate about cosmetics. Like most of her peers, she has a beauty blog but also a YouTube channel where she gives advice on hair and make-up. And this young redhead knows a thing or two about these topics! In her videos, she also talks about her favourite items. Every month, she offers up a selection of her best discoveries or most regularly used products. What sets her apart from other bloggers is that she also shares her covers of songs and favourite music.  If you want something different from the classic beauty videos, you’ll be delighted by this unique young lady’s world.

Ally Fantaisie

« A world full of colour » is how Allison describes her YouTube channel. This young, French YouTuber who has lived in Canada for 5 years regularly publishes new videos. Her favourite subjects are make-up and cooking. Along with recipes for chocolate muffins, cupcakes or milkshakes, she also suggests inexpensive make-up products or the essential make-up brushes that every girl should have in their kit. Her videos are aimed at both beginners and those who already have some experience and are simply looking for new tips.


If you’re looking for a bit of craziness, head to Léa’s channel. In a simple, good-humoured way, she presents her look of the moment, her morning routine, gives you advice on the outfit to choose for a specific event etc. And a little bit more: she often invites members of her family to appear in her videos, like her little sister, to talk about the good and bad sides of their relationship, but also her grandmother, to test your knowledge of old expressions. If you like getting to know the YouTuber behind the the beauty videos, you’ll definitely like this channel.