24 Feb

Our audition tips to get chosen

It’s an extremely stressful event for artists. But don’t panic, we are sharing all our audition tips with you!

As you probably know, an audition is an extremely stressful event for artists. But don’t panic! KastingKafé has a few audition tips to help you get through it. Don’t neglect any of them!

Even if they may seem obvious to you, you should know that these audition tips and criteria are regularly cited by casters when explaining why they chose a candidate over another and also by the chosen candidates.

Inform yourself about the audition

In the end, auditions are nothing more than a job interview, so it is essential that you arrive at the audition knowing a minimum of information about the brand or movie you’re doing it for.

Watch the brand’s previous advertising campaigns, watch the director’s movies to get inside his head. Get inspired, but don’t copy! Better understanding the world they are used to work in will give you a better chance to corresponding to what they are looking for.

During your interview, don’t hesitate to discretely let them know that you informed yourself before coming. Be careful: this allusion must be well-placed, otherwise, you risk them thinking of you as a groupie.

Don’t worry about the others

You will inevitably be waiting in the company of several other candidates. Avoid comparing yourself to them and focus on yourself!
Some may come out with a big smile on their face and say loud and clear that everything went very well during their interview, so don’t be intimidated. All candidates have a chance to succeed, so do you.

Put yourself in the casters’ shoes

You can imagine that recruiters see dozens of candidates a day. As a result, they only have a few minutes for every one of them. Make it easy for them by going straight to the point. If you were in their shoes, what information would you need?

Try to give them this information before they need to ask for it. Print out a few photos of yourself with your contact information on the back. They will be able to keep them and call you back easily if they need them. But be careful not to appear too brusque, always smile and be friendly.

Handle stress

In a previous article, we gave you a series of tips on how to manage your stress. It’s time to follow these tips! As you know, casters men only have a few minutes to give you, so if you start stuttering or sweating because of your stress, you’re going to make yourself look very bad.

Working on handling your stress will make you look comfortable and will give you more chances to be chosen. It would indeed be a shame to lose your guts because of stress when, at home, you were really convincing.

Practice, over and over again

It’s a no-brainer! Model, actor, singer, photographer, etc., it are real professions. Like other professions, therefore, they must be practised! Between two auditions, take classes to improve your skills. Not only will you improve, but you may even cross paths with someone who will gladly help you grow.

Once you return from your classes, keep working. If you want to become an actor, watch movies to discover other ways of acting. If you’re a model, watch the campaigns of the models you like to discover new poses.

Becoming the new Kate Moss or the new Pierre Niney is not just a matter of luck and opportunities but above all a matter of work!

Know how to self-criticise

Before an audition, practice in front of a mirror or in front of your friends. Ask them to give you their opinion without holding back. Even if they don’t know anything about it, they will be able to point out the things you should improve.

Also, don’t hesitate to film yourself! Then watch the video and see what can be improved. Usually, there won’t be a harder judge than yourself. The casters will also be judging you. Anticipate their criticism and correct what you can.

Be yourself

The golden tip: be yourself! You may want to impress the casters by trying to be funny or by adopting traits that are not your own. Forget it!

We know that this might sound like a very logical tip but nevertheless, we’re going to say it as it is not always respected: be natural.

There is nothing worse than a candidate who arrives at an interview trying to be funny at all costs while not being funny at all. An audition is also about vibes. Try and see if the casters are responsive and adapt your behavior accordingly. They will largely prefer a shy candidate over a candidate who has been annoying throughout the entire interview. Similar to a romantic date, they will choose the person who has seduced them the most. Go as you are, it will be your best chance to impress them.

Know how to bounce back after a failed audition

You may already have had dozens of auditions without ever being called back. Know that your failures make you stronger. Keep applying! Keep in mind the things that didn’t go too well in order to do better next time. When in doubt, remember that even the greatest stars have gone through hard times.

So, ready to give it a try using our audition tips? Register on KastingKafé and give it a shot! We wish you luck!