21 Jan

Model with tattoos : a good pairing or not?

For some years now, we’ve been seeing a bit of madness on the catwalks.
Tattoos have actually gained an increasing popularity among models wanting to stand out.

The days of models not being allowed to add a touch of originality during their shows are now well and truly over.
For some years now, we’ve been seeing a bit of madness on the catwalks.
Tattoos have actually gained an increasing popularity among models wanting to stand out.
From Cara Delevingne to Adriana Lima and Kate Moss, many models have opted to have pictures etched onto their skin : seeing a model with tattoos isn’t such a chocking thing anymore, that’s for sure.

Models with tattoos : a growing trend

Adriana Lima, one of Victoria’s Secret, went for the discreet approach with her tribal ankle tattoo.

Her fellow Brazilian, Gisele Bündchen, muse of Dior, Lancôme, Louis Vuitton and Victoria’s Secret, also opted for this body part when she chose to get her tattoo of a crescent moon surrounded by stars.
She seems to have a thing for celestial objects, with another star adorning her wrist.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who now appears as frequently in the world of cinema as she does in the world of modelling, has a small heart on her wrist.
With this particular choice, Jason Statham’s girlfriend is evidently trying to show that love plays an important role in her life.

Models with tattoos : wether it’s small tattoos that can be easily covered or full sleeves, they all love them

Kate Moss the model they call “the twig”, also chose to decorate her wrist, with a ship’s anchor.  
And it doesn’t end there: Lucian Freud, a famous German painter, tattooed two swallows on her lower back.
He told me that when he was 19, he was in the marines, and he used to tattoo the other guys. So I said, “Oh my God! That’s amazing!”, she explained to Vanity Fair.
 The design, it turns out, is worth its weight in gold. A portrait of Kate Moss painted by the same artist was sold at auction for £3.9 million. “If everything went really wrong, I could always get a skin graft and sell the tattoo”, the model joked.

The pretty Redhead Cintia Dicker who has worked for Gucci, Lanvin and L’Oréal chose to have a permanent floral design on the inside of her arm.

In a wink to her profession, Chanel Iman, the darling of the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, had a tattoo of a hanger alongside her name at the nape of her neck.

Top or Flop in their career ?

This model with tattoos may have gone too far, though.
Cara Delevingne has modelled for all of the big names.  
In 2013 the young model got her first tattoo: a lion on her index finger.
In six months, the it girl had a 10 new tattoos: Made in England on her foot, her initials on the side of her hand, her mother’s name on her bicep etc.

However, according to Look magazine, her agency Storm Models then forbad her from getting any more.
“As her tattoos were very visible, Chanel and Burberry called her agency to warn them. They were very concerned by the whole thing“, explains a source at the agency.
The young model evidently ignored this request as not only did she continue to get more tattoos, she also chose to end her modelling career to become an actress.

Although tattoos can bother some brands, they are very popular with others. Rick Genest‘s success is a perfect example of this. The “zombie”, is a model with tattoos covering over 90% of his body. He has modelled for Thierry Mugler, who is crazy about is style.

These many examples show that it is perfectly possible to pursue a modelling career and have tattoos. You may lose out on some contracts but you will get others with brands looking for a little bit of eccentricity. Models with tattoos? At KastingKafé, we love them!

Photo credit: Instagram and walterlan papetti (main photo)