12 Feb

What clothes to wear to an audition?

Don’t forget that the clothes and make-up you wear reflect your personality. Here are some tips.

Don’t forget that your clothes and make-up reflect your personality! Just by looking at your style, some recruiters make up an idea (maybe a wrong one) about who you are. Knowing what to wear to an audition is very important so, here are a few tips that we hope will help you:

Don’t dress too sexy

Wearing a mini-skirt and a plunging cleavage to an audition won’t make it easier for you to get the job. On the contrary, you risk discrediting yourself completely.
Similarly, avoid covering every inch of your body from head to toe. Recruiters of an audition need to be able to see your silhouette.

Wear something comfortable

Wanting to squeeze yourself into your favorite dress is great. However, wearing comfortable clothes in which you feel fabulous, are even better!
A nice sleeveless top, jeans and there you go!
And for the gents, a simple v-neck t-shirt and jeans will do the job.

Wear something that fits your personality

If you have an extravagant personality, it is useless to try and hide it by dressing in a too classical style.
Audition recruiters will notice that sooner or later. Being yourself is the best way of catching their attention.
If you’re someone very simple, avoid dressing up too much when going to the audition. Wear your usual style of clothes.

Wear clothes that flatter your shape

During an audition, it is important to look your best. If you have a slim waist, wear a belt that will highlight your dainty figure.
If you have larger thighs, avoid wearing tight trousers and opt for a skirt that hides them instead.
Gents, if you’re quite muscular, why not wear a tight t-shirt to show off your hard work at the gym?

Adopt a natural look

There’s nothing worse than getting to an audition looking like a clown.
You should only enhance your natural beauty. If you want to wear make-up, keep it simple! A little bit of foundation and a touch of mascara is more than enough.

Think about your undies

If you have to try on outfits during the casting, it would be a shame if the agency directors saw you wearing not-matching socks or your granny panties. So put on nice some underwear but, don’t forget, not too sexy!

And finally, for a successful, stress-free casting, don’t forget your book!  

Ready for your audition?

We hope our tips helped you and give you some confidence for your next audition! Register on KastingKafé and give auditioning a shot! Good luck!

Photo Credit: Luca Sartoni