Need help? (FAQ)

Who are we?

KastingKafé is a European community platform designed to connect Talents (models, actors, extras,.) and Professionals (Casting director, Photographer, Make-up Artist, ..) active in the Show Business sector.

What is our goal?

Our ambition is to facilitate and boost access to job offers and services in the Show business sector.

How to register?

Registration is done in a few clicks and is completely free.

  1. Choose your category: Talents (Models, Actors, Extras, etc.) or Professionals (Casting director, photographer, etc.).
  2. Enter your e-mail address and password OR log in directly via Facebook and Linkedin.

Once your account is created, you can complete your profile.

Do I have to upload at least 3 pictures?

KastingKafe is for Talents and showbiz Professionals. The quality of the photos is essential. The size of the image must be at least 480px in height, 1920px in width. The ideal format is landscape but you should also include a full-length photo and a portrait. The ideal is to provide several types of photos, with and without makeup, preferably in a neutral setting.

I do not have quality photos available.

If you do not have a photo book, we suggest you get in touch with the photographers registered on KastingKafé. We remind you that the creation of a professional photo book is a decisive step in your career.

How is the validation done?

Once registered, you can directly complete your profile. However, it will only be visible on the website after validation by a member of our team. This process aims to guarantee the quality and seriousness of the Talents and Professionals registered on KastingKafé. Once done, you will receive an email or a notification of validation or rejection. If your profile has not been accepted, we will clearly explain the reason and the changes to be made in order to meet our General conditions of use and our Code of Ethics. Every change, even minimal, in your profile will result going through our validation process again.

How to post a casting call?

As a Professional in your "MyKastingKafe" section you have the possibility to create a casting call. It may be "private", limited to a selection of Talents or "public" visible to all. The more precise you are in your offer, the more you increase your chances of directly finding the Talents you are looking for.

How to answer a casting call?

Are you ready to take the plunge and answer your first casting call? Once logged into your section "MyKastingKafe” you will find the castings that match your profile, if you have completed it. You can also use the search engine to discover all the casting calls posted on KastingKafé.

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