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KastingKafé offers 3 packs *:
Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo.

Would you prefer to start with our free formula to discover KastingKafé? Opt for the "Free Ristretto" formula for 6 months!

* You can cancel your subscription at any time and without charge.

How to use my credits?

Each type of subscription entitles you to a number of cumulative credits over time.

  Rates Validity
Post a casting call 84 4 semaines
Publish a service offer 84 4 semaines
Load the full profile 14 unlimited
Publish your Profile to Home Page 84 1 week
Publish your Profile in the Newsletter 77 par 1000 copies

How to obtain additional credits?

You have used all your credits and do not want to wait until next month? You can buy additional credits at any time!

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